About Us

The Legacy Cities Initiative is designed to help spur equitable revitalization in formerly industrial cities that are struggling with economic and population decline. The Initiative will center around the collection and dissemination of information on legacy city revitalization efforts:

  • What is happening in which legacy city
  • Who is undertaking this work
  • Promising new policies or programs
  • New research efforts and findings

If you are doing work to bring about equitable revitalization in one or more legacy cities, whether as a funder, practitioner, advocate, researcher, or resident, please tell us about it by filling out this survey. You can also contact the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy at contact@legacycities.org.

The Legacy Cities Initiative will build from efforts linked across the public, private, civic, and academic sectors to foster equitable revitalization in legacy cities. This work was initiated in 2012 by The American Assembly and its partners, the J. Max Bond Center on Design for the Just City, the Center for Community Progress, and others. Together, they worked to support the revitalization of former industrial cities. More information about the origins of this work can be found at:  http://americanassembly.org/projects/legacy-cities.