Fellow urbanists in Midwestern legacy cities might enjoy a new exhibit in Chicago on the Great Lakes Basin, part of a long-term effort to build a geographic coalition to protect the integrity of the world’s largest fresh water resource. The St. Lawrence River connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic through the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Canada.

Great Cities, Great Lakes, Great Basin engages the public with the vastness and vulnerability of the earth’s largest surface freshwater resource, which spans from Duluth, Minnesota to the Atlantic Ocean. The exhibition depicts the Great Basin as one region defined by the watershed rather than political boundaries and illustrates a vision for the region as an international park that encompasses culturally-rich urban and rural areas. The exhibition also highlights initiatives around the region that Basin cities can learn from to enhance quality of life.

The exhibit was organized by Chicago Architecture Foundation, SOM, and International Secretariat for Water.

exhibit photoPhoto credit: The Great Lakes Century Blog by SOM

Title: Great Cities, Great Lakes, Great Basin
Website: http://www.architecture.org/greatlakes
Open: Now until Feb 2014 
Venue: CAF’s Atrium Gallery
Address: 224 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60604, USA
Admission: Free


Featured image from Arch Daily, courtesy of exhibit organizers.

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