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Welcome to the beta site of the American Assembly’s Legacy Cities blog! We are excited to continue developing this site and turn this into an active forum and base of knowledge sharing between our community working to advance legacy cities, as well as a way to connect the diverse and growing group of emerging professionals in legacy cities, including city leaders from the public sector, business owners, university presidents, community board members and the diaspora beyond.

We want to seize the opportunity to look at legacy cities from a national perspective. Our central goals embrace this “big picture” role:

1. Be a connector of ideas: track activities from other city/regional micro-blogs, along with national media sources, and draw meaningful connections between individuals and organizations active in separate but related spaces.

2. Produce content via guest contributors (opinion, analysis, case studies, interactive media) that expands on a local issue and makes it more applicable to a broader legacy cities audience.

3. Serve as a forum through which the changing expectations of what can and should be possible in legacy cities can be explored.

Legacy Cities friends and advocates–we invite your comments and criticism on the strategy, format and design of the site. We also invite you to join us as a guest contributor. Please think of us as you scan your daily blogs and consider writing a short post in response to something that interests you. You can contribute in any number of ways. Our format is open-ended, as we’d like for guest writers to delve into whatever they’re most passionate about at the moment and keep the conversation flowing. We are always open to receiving emails with links, story pitches, ideas, funny stories, passing thoughts, etc.

We hope that you’ll tune in and stay involved.

The American Assembly

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